In addition to being mentored, trained and schooled firsthand by many of today’s leading talents and authorities on the subject Blake has spent his time and energy performing close up magic & theatrical mind reading combined with his unique approach to hypnosis. Mastering his craft in quiet whilst performing for special interest groups, charity, private events and educational organizations in preparation to significantly impact the highly competitive corporate fields and tradeshow market he delights and astonishes today, Blake has continued on his own personal journey and professional evolution sharing his expertise and decades of experience LIVE on stage with his audiences.

“He amazed the audience. I can’t believe the things he had people doing, hilarious!”

– Jenny C.

Always a progressive voice, leader and practical thinker Blake soon realized he could bridge the gap between magic, mind reading and hypnosis with public entertainment, corporate sales training, NLP and motivational speaking to provide an experience the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

The journey Blake has made willfully and the path he’s set foot on is multi-faceted in every sense of the word. In addition to being a prolific student of the mind with all of its unknown territories and unexplored vistas Blake devotes his energy to studying people and what makes them tick; how they feel inside, what they want and how he can assist them in achieving their life goals.