Mind Reading

Well versed in the mind sciences, public speaking, sales training and advanced communication skills Blake spent a number of years in Guatemala studying the effects of social conditioning and tribal hypnosis amidst the Mayan culture before returning home and graduating with a technical degree from Weber State University. Shortly thereafter Blake became the sole protégé and private student of Reality Engineer & Master Hypnotist Jerome Finley, TDR.

Blake’s work in the fields of hypnosis, persuasion and influence is at once both elegant and masterful while constantly expanding to include new sciences, new modalities and new approaches to his encyclopedic understanding, appreciation and application of the art.

Stage Mentalism Show
This show is for events like award banquets, Sales Kick Offs, Christmas Parties, Product launches, Employee Recognition Parties and Networking groups. Everyone would be seated and Blake will put on a full show for your audience. It is highly interactive. Your guests can participate from the comfort of their chairs, or up on Stage with Blake! Either way everyone is involved in the show.