Carried out server engineering and administration, VMware physical-to-virtual transitions and VOIP installation/configuration/troubleshooting. Installed Operating System and configured kernel parameters for Linux /Unix servers. Developed several automation tools to expedite bulk activities related to DNS and Network operations. Worked with team members on migrating from Frame Relay to an AT&T MPLS managed solution at over 200 locations. Provided provisioning, ordering and procuring all communications circuits from local exchange and carrier service providers. Configured, administered and secured HSRP protocol for increase redundancy on network. Facilitated escalations for technical support, monitored mailboxes and handled email requests. Configured and Maintained Layer 2 Cisco switches with protocols like VTP, STP, HDLC and PPP. Upgraded Cisco Routers 3640 IOS, Memory and Flash and fiber GBIC module for 6500 switch and configure them. Managed and administered systems and networks, Cisco ASA and Checkpoint firewalls, Cisco routers and switches for ~3000 users. Assisted RD/QA/Support with SQL/Pervasive restores, application troubleshooting and client connectivity issues. Fostered the performance development of eight programmers and Unix database administrators. Worked with other managers on developing and executing global Windows 2000 infrastructure migration. This includes good communication skills, the ability to explain technical problems to non-technical people, and the ability to understand and build cooperative customer relationships. Configured EIGRP routing protocol and Static routes, Route redistribution and advertising them between the Core Switch and Firewalls. Created, modified and maintained zone-based firewall policies. Configured Easy VPN server and SSL VPN to facilitate various employees' access internal servers and resources with access restrictions. Configured and managed Cisco 11500 load balancers that service corporate Server farm running financial applications. Created Network Lab for network testing for IT department use, replicated future MPLS network deployment and WAN diversity network project. Assisted in the build/design, testing, and implementation of VoIP via SIP Protocol for Logic Communications across the island. Provided Cisco Router Configuration Support along with installation, Configured EIGRP. Configured inside/outside ACL and interfaces. Optimized firewall rule-set to control access to the Internet and the network Infrastructure. Migrated a new domain master migrating over DNS, DHCP, WINS, and Active Directory services with minimal downtime. Installed and setup office applications and components, basic TCP/IP network troubleshooting on Windows 2000 and XP operating systems. Configured Cisco 7500 series routers to create a redundant, reliable network infrastructure using BGP, OSPF, EIGRP routing protocols. Experienced in securing configurations of SSL/VPN connections, troubleshooting Cisco ASA firewalls and related network security measures. Provided switching security which includes port security, STP, VLAN for both data and voice. Developed and configured combined link sets based on the VoIP signaling points and the STP mated pair. Coordinated with customers and account managers to facilitate smooth implementation of projects. Monitored and supported all aspects of network connectivity using SolarWinds. Network Engineers should have an excellent knowledge of all components of a computer network, and very good analytical and problem-solving skills as their work involve a lot of troubleshooting. Interacted with UNIX team members for design strategies, technology and hardware improvements for new and existing conference rooms. Utilized Wireshark as a protocol analyzers tool. Performed basic security and ACL administration on Juniper SRX firewalls. Configured BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, route redistribution, policy routing and troubleshooting on Cisco Routers and Switches. Configured and troubleshoot Cisco routers, switches, ASA firewalls, F5 and Cisco VPN, Juniper 5GT and SSG5. Designed cost-effective remote access connectivity solutions for mid and small size securities trading companies. Configured secure remote access and monitored security issues using intrusion detection software. Configured and implement DNS, Web, Proxy, DHCP and RADIUS server configurations on UNIX platform. Leveraged full WPA2 Enterprise through the use of controller based access policies, MS Radius and MS Network Policy Server. Supported CheckPoint firewall logs for access and security connectivity issues. Experienced network engineers who wish to advance in their careers to upper management positions in private or public companies, government agencies, or organizations. Participated on the mergers and acquisitions team providing technical support for disparate network integration. Worked with design and troubleshooting voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks. Implemented URL filtering on Palo Alto Firewall and control access to restricted sited. Redesigned Active Directory structure and rebuilt Group Policy infrastructure. Provided technical expertise/oversight of commercial leased frame relay, T-1 telecommunication circuits, local network infrastructure, and server application. Performed migration of existing Checkpoint firewall solution to PaloAlto solution. Performed frequent changes and upgrades to routers and Catalyst 2900/3600/3700/3800, TP-Link Gigabit switch and Dell PowerConnect switch 8024. Performed SNMP testing in the lab and determined bugs in lots of Vendor software and performed coordination to resolve them. Produced remote access system design and engineering specifications. Facilitated corporate and international Remote Access. Designed sites that included Cisco Catalyst 4500 and 3750X series switches as well as 2800 and 3800 Series Routers. Installed infrastructure member servers for print and file sharing, Microsoft SQL Oracle, and DB2 servers for corporate database development. Having good communication, understanding network logic, … Configured and setup high-speed printers/digital copiers, seamlessly integrating with customer systems. Worked with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center to troubleshoot advanced problems and workarounds for known IOS caveats and bugs. Configured circuits; implement provisioning on circuits, test, and turn-up new circuits for the IP infrastructure layer 2/layer 3. Maximized network performance by implementing WhatsUp Gold network monitoring software; troubleshooting network problems and outages and scheduling upgrades. Configured HSRP to provide high availability. Created documents for various platforms including Nexus 7k, ASR1k enabling successful deployment of new devices on the network. Advanced scripting support with Linux to provide automated event detection and monitoring. Documented all the installations and configurations in the Linux environment. Performed regularly scheduled server maintenance on Windows/Linux servers in a high availability, production environment. Involved in Design and implementation of network infrastructure and configuration of the network Infrastructure devices including Network Printers and Register. Designed and implemented various Routing protocols such as OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, BGP across networks in multiple locations. Maintained and administered Unix Servers. Engineered CCTV, land-line phone, VOIP phone, Ethernet, and alarm networks in accordance with customer and regulatory requirements. Worked with outside vendors to implementation of new equipment from Oracle purchase order generation, SOW generation to quality inspection. Provided UNIX system engineering, support, and network administration, and sought out and implemented technological and process improvements. Provided L3/4 security implementations for IOS firewall requirements throughout North America. Network Administration; Cisco Technologies; Device Drivers; Routers; Technical Support; Note that the skills required for a Network Engineer intern resume are more or less the same as Entry level resume. Collaborated in the implementation and maintenance of the organization's first enterprise-wide Cisco Voice over IP (VoIP) system. You have reached your limit of 5000 friends! Executed job functions in professional attire with minimal supervision and guidance. Security and risk management: Nearly two-thirds of respondents predicted that these would be the most in-demand networking skills. Performed network infrastructure reviews to determine if they met the defined business continuity objectives. Today’s top 58,000+ Network Engineer jobs in United States. Enabled TACACS+ on Cisco devices for authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA). Managed/Administered multiple data centers in numerous locations ranging from Austin, Texas to Bangalore, India in a call center environment. Created and updated technical documentation where necessary for and task specific job functions and troubleshooting. Assisted with changes and troubleshooting on CISCO switches concerning port security, STP, mac-addressing, and VLAN management. Performed daily configurations and maintenance for Cisco Secure solutions including - Secure ACS and TACACS+. Provided Windows network administration and Exchange administration. Developed and monitored the network globally for better optimization and to avoid failure, monitored the data packets with Wireshark. Recognized and diagnosed anomalies found within the network utilizing ArcSight, WireShark, Intrusion Detection System, NetWitness, and Mail-logger. There are a lot of different types of networks that someone in this role can work with. Configured HSRP redundancy protocol to overcome any switches failures. Configured Firewall to allow site to site VPN access and configuring ACL to ensure better security, migration of VPN tunnels. Involved in migration from EIGRP to OSPF and documented change management procedure for migrating from EIGRP to OSPF network. Provided Desktop support which included Windows and Linux based client computers. Configured ASA outbound access control, NAT, IPSEC encryption, and security levels for internal, external and DMZ networks. Installed different types of software and protocols used for internet/network communication. Managed corporate Internet domain registrations and DNS information. Performed migration of routing protocol on RIP to OSPF on Cisco 1800, 1900, 2800 series routers. Reorganized Active Directory into organization units to successfully implement ISA servers. Designed, set up and administrated computer networks using Linux operating system. Exposed to Checkpoint Firewall policy provisioning. Provided on-site engineering service to key accounts administering both Microsoft Windows and Linux environments. Utilized Wireshark to troubleshoot network latency and performance related issues. Worked on Disaster Recovery (DR) test plan and build an IPSEC tunnel site to site. Enabled STP attack mitigation using MD5 authentication for VTP, disabling all unused ports and putting them in unused VLAN. Established MPLS VPN between branch offices located in various locations and Configured Virtual Routing Forwarding (VRF) on Cisco routers. These soft skills complement “ hard ” skills, such as programming or a working knowledge of chemistry. Assisted in implementing security policies in checkpoint firewall. Provided technical support on the implementation of numerous Cisco router and switch configurations as well as TCP/IP and various internet/intranet technologies. Depending on the nature of the company or organization you employ, you may need to troubleshoot your customer's network or handle problems with your front-end network. Spearheaded multiple field implementations and supervised SNMP servers for client's core networks, including servers located throughout the country. Provided expert oversight to LAN performance and maintained LAN security ensure network availability to all system user. This post helps you to discover and develop the needed qualities and skills to help you succeed in your network engineering career. Configured VLANS on multiple catalyst switches performed troubleshooting on TCP/IP network problems, Administered Frame-Relay and networks. Supported developmental efforts to integrate new hardware and software applications into current and future SubLAN Subsystem versions. Performed redistribution for communication between different protocols & manipulated route updates using route maps, administrative distance and offset-lists. Managed and configured VoIP devices which include gateway and gatekeeper. Conducted configuration and troubleshot on Cisco 3640 routers, witches 3550, SMTP, protocols, OSPF and PPOE. File size error: The file exceeds allowed the limit (92 MB) and can not be uploaded. Planned and managed migration and/or integration services of Windows, SCO Unix and Linux servers in seamless network service environments. Monitored and maintained UNIX and Linux Servers, Cisco routers and switches, both core and customer end routers. Worked with Nexus 6001T switch which is used for low- port-to-port latency in the data center using cut-through feature architecture. Configured and trouble shoot site-to-site VPN Tunnels, Access Lists, NAT Translations, IP Routing, and DHCP issues. Managed Windows and Linux server administration, including hardware and operating system configurations / maintenance. Implemented migration of hundreds of clients to new spam provider, including firewall, DNS, Server and desktop configurations. Created Business cases for hardware refreshment for: BigIP Load Balancers, Proxy-BlueCoats, RSA-Envision Cisco Routers, and Switches. Implemented and configured Cisco ASA firewall 5500 Series (VPN, IPSEC, Site to Site) for end Customer. Provided remote access architecture support for remote users. Analyzed network captures using Wireshark. Additionally, most configuration management tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible have their master nodes running on Linux. Created implementation document to assist Jr Engineers & interns with the IOS XE upgrade for 3850 and 4500 model switches. Assisted seniors in implementing major initiatives and troubleshooting network problems. Completed system upgrades at oversees office data centers. Used NETID to insert and update TCP/IP information and maintain an inventory of the equipment in the field. Led a business continuity plan for the network infrastructure across multiple data centers along with 40 remote site-to-site VPN branch offices. Worked on team that designed and implemented F5 BigIP Load Balancers for use with in-house web and database applications. Configured and troubleshot tier1 and tie2 network data communications problems on various DS1, DS3, Frame Relay and ATM circuits. Performed queries/reports for billing support via Oracle. Defined industry standard policies in checkpoint firewall for organizational/client benefit. to. Designed, configured, and implemented classified network including 40+ Cisco 3750 series devices and General Dynamic's KG-175 series TACLANES. Controlled system and network administration of large-scale Linux and Windows environment. Network Engineer Requirements: Bachelor degree in Information Technology related field of study with a network engineering focus. Worked on Replication between various domain controllers in Active Directory. Investigated incidents with alarms on SolarWinds monitoring tool and found quick resolutions. Assisted customers with the setup and configuration of various server operating systems and applications. Implemented cluster and configuration of SRX-100 Juniper firewall. Introduced Linux servers into network environment to support business processes and web-hosting needs. Other Skills You Need to Become a Network Engineer. Developed expansive knowledge with Cisco and Juniper switches routers, and firewall configuration, administration and troubleshooting. Interfaced with customers and senior management for problem resolution and project planning. Handled the tasks of providing technical support for application systems integration by using application and database server. Gone are those days when companies worried about proprietary operating systems. Employed strong problem solving abilities when proactively troubleshooting network connectivity issues and outages in wired and wireless networks. Designed/implemented OSPF topology to greatly enhance routing/summary capability. But… Read More » Skills and Qualities. Configured and administrated VLAN Trucking Protocol to reduce administrative overhead. Configured Cisco routers with routing protocols- EIGRP, RIP V1-2, OSPF to include and use load balancing. Performed Enterprise wide migration from EIGRP to OSPF routing and transition from IPSEC VPN's to redundant MPLS connections. Installed and administered PKI resources and applications related to remote access and device authentication. Configured, deployed, and managed virtual machines utilizing technology from VMware for use by internal software developers. Completed on daily basis cleaning STP switches with Cisco Works. Detailed troubleshooting and analysis of media signaling protocols, including SIP. Modernized troubleshooting procedures for network to resolve reoccurring problems and significantly reduce network downtime. Experienced in Performance Monitoring, Security, Troubleshooting, and Backup, Disaster recovery, Maintenance and Support of UNIX systems. Implemented QoS Congestion Management and Avoidance to ensure network reliability and efficiency. Deployed and maintained security/network devices and data centers for Service provider network. Network engineer Alternative titles for this job include Network administrator. Configured, maintained, and applied troubleshooting skills to Cisco 1600 and 2500 series routers and Catalyst 2900 series switches. Conducted training for Tier 1 NOC analysts on circuit troubleshooting and VoIP administration to provide better front line support for customers. Although automation has changed the role of network engineers, many skills of network engineers cannot be automated. Maintained multiple databases for accuracy which provided circuit capacity for various provisioning groups to efficiently meet customer requests. Engineered traffic management solutions, including designing, low level engineering for F5 LTM, GTM, ASM, APM environment. While more organizations have dedicated IT security staff, end-to-end security means everyone on the IT team must be involved to keep the network secure. Configured switches VLAND, Trunking and VTP and deployed local and wide area network equipment to optimize performance and security. Administered/pushed ACL policy changes for application clients. Troubleshooted connectivity issues within small and large business infrastructure environment. Maintained Active Directory network and designed Active Directory forest and domain structures. Prepared status reports on security matter to develop security risk analysis scenarios. Provided Tier 3 technical support to internal and external customers including troubleshooting and resolution of network scheduled events and outages. Responded to network system outages and emergency service conditions by following established procedures/protocols. Provided technical support for expansion of the existing network architecture to incorporate new users. Installed and configured software systems that support the network infrastructure such as DNS servers, firewalls, and IDS/IPS systems. Supported proprietary Oracle-based mobile inventory management systems in use for over 40 years. Designed, built and distributed embedded, Linux-based SSL network access appliances for CPE access to credit card networks. Established point-to-point connections and frame relay connections. Reviewed and approved all firewall requests (ACL, NAT, VPN, etc) based upon potential security impact. Configured & maintained LAN, WAN, VPN, WLAN, and Firewalls on Cisco Routers for end users. Configured different Nexus platforms to complete customer request. Configured NAT (Network address translation) configurations and its analysis on troubleshooting issues related access lists (ACL). Completed conversion of Windows 3.1 & OS/2 to Windows NT 4.0 for approximately 2500 users in the home office and countrywide. Implemented and integrated new security solutions into existing customer network infrastructures and coordinate network security audits and changes for enterprise infrastructure. Coordinated and completed the conversion to the routing protocol OSPF in the LAN/MAN from BGP, IGRP and RIP ver1. Supported and monitored routing protocols such OSPF and BGP within ATT network and transit traffic to and from PEERS. Exercised a corporate desktop and laptop migration from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 Professional to leverage group policy enforcement. Worked on Nexus 7010 including NX-OS Virtual Port Channels, Nexus (port profiles, VPC peer link). Designed QoS policies for critical applications based on requirements and traffic patterns. Investigated internet connectivity issues and verified configurations on infrastructure and client's premise equipment. Administered Windows 2000 and 2003 servers (Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, WINS and Terminal Server). Executed Server Consolidation Project for five Windows 2000/2003 servers on VMWARE GSX 3.2.1 and deployed server images using VMWARE Server 2.0.2. Performed various AD enterprise-related tasks to include DC promotions and demotions, and troubleshooting DNS, WINS and DHCP issues. Configuring routers and switches, firewall knowledge and good knowledge of troubleshooting. Conducted security hardware upgrades for all routers and switches assigned to designated telecommunication nodes. Involved in Migration of Juniper Coordinated and scheduled the delivery of F5 Professional Service implementations and consulting engagements. Provided technical support and problem resolution to a Microsoft Windows- based operating system environment. Configured WAN protocols in Cisco and Copper Mountain manufactured Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers. Worked on F5 LTM series like 4500, 5000, 5500 for the corporate applications and their availability. Analyzed existing infrastructure using VMware Capacity Planner. Installed/Configured e-mail/backup systems/fire walls/virus protection/network applications/printing/DHCP/TCPIP/IPX and other PC/NOS related hardware and software. Network engineer requirements include essential skills in the design, planning, implementation and monitoring a computer network that supports wireless network services, video, data, and voice. Increased network stability/security by designing/configuring network security features and layouts; formulated future design improvements by auditing data center implementation details. Worked cooperatively with commissary personnel and other IT teams to facilitate their network access and resolve their connectivity issues. Configured/Administered Redistribution of routes between EIGRP and OSPF. Documented network problems encountered by Verizon Business/customer and proposed solutions to mitigate the occurrence of the same. Implemented upgraded firewall platform built on Checkpoint Firewall Technologies. Engineers must be able to use automated network capabilities to optimally allocate network and IT resources. Luckily, we've found all of the skills you'll need so even if you don't have these skills yet, you know what you need to work on. Increased network performance 35% by implementing the right solutions and Configured RSTP on switches. Installed and configured software packages in Linux environment, performed user management, monitored system activity and disk usage. Managed network evaluation, troubleshooting a variety of network problems. Migrated MS Exchange 5.5 data to 2003 and obtained a digital certificate and configured SSL to secure Internet email communication. Researched and developed firewall policies tethered with advance URL filters allowing clients to adequately surf the web without compromising network security. Configured Cisco ASA and Checkpoint firewall layers securing existing Data Center infrastructure. Configured NPS (Network Policy) server for RADIUS authentication for all Networking devices currently in production across the Americas estate. Technical ability isn’t enough for a successful engineering career. Created desktop standardization through Terminal Services, Domain Profiles and Active Directory Policy Management. Configured and deployed Cisco 6500, 4500 and 3750 Catalyst switches at the core, distribution and access layers respectively. Defined and implemented polices on Juniper firewalls. Worked on BGP configuration for providing redundant internet connectivity using BGP attributes, Route maps, prefix-lists etc. Configured routers and modems, troubleshot issues related to broadband technologies for Residential and Business Customers. Maintained DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, Replication & other services on the Windows Server 2000 & 2003 network. Provided routing support including configuration and troubleshooting of various routers. Administered LAN consisting of 5 NT 4.0 servers and 15 SCO UNIX systems running Advanced File and Print services. Implemented QoS on routers and switches for voice and data communications, resulting in clearer and more reliable customer call experience. Used DHCP to dynamically assign reusable IP addresses to DHCP clients via INFOBLOX IPAM and resolved IP address conflicts. Captured wireless network data using Wireshark packet analyzer. Implemented Exchange 2003 services, performed administration of user accounts, configured Active Directory and designed hierarchical structure using organizational units. Tested various BGP attributes like local preference, MED, Weight and replicated customer issues in the testing environment lab. Implemented SNMP for the network utilizing Cisco Works, NAGIOS/CACTI, and MRTG to ease network management. Implemented SNMP, NMS, OSS, and Mobile Iron on Cisco routes to allow for network management. Developed automation platforms to expedite daily and bulk DNS operations. Conducted LAN (Ethernet, HSRP, EIGRP, etc) preventive and corrective maintenance and troubleshooting/problem resolution. Internet routing and dynamic routing protocols and performed troubleshooting on Cisco devices ranging from network and... Sites to assist in firewall access circuits into MPLS circuits for the Windows 2000 and 2003 servers BlueCat... With Windows 2008/2012 Active Directory Group membership provide security by controlling administrator access using Catalyst! Department in the development of eight programmers and UNIX database administrators 501 and 515, 2948... With company policies and designs, worked on different impetus switches performed troubleshooting on Cisco 1800,,. Status for early detection of network and BGP Checkpoint FW-1/VPN-1, as well as the! Format ) SUMMARY problem detection and monitoring of MSC, HLR, STP, VLAN, Spanning tree (... Virtual switching system ) and staging cabling management, UPS, server mounting, building HP and IBM equipment... On Sun UNIX, AS400 and Cisco IOS for configuration, management and policy map to and... Company efficiency devices polling/chattering and bandwidth saturation issues sub-systems through an SNMP monitoring server using SolarWinds within 20002003 and. Members on migrating from EIGRP to OSPF on Cisco supported products for e-commerce.. 6500 VSS architecture and deployment of network Engineer resumes they appeared on internet/network communication software to monitor performance. Contained network security to identify with company policies and Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines and documented change management for... Achieved recognition as a skill support of Windows environments including desktop, server groups help. Voip, QoS, and maintain firewalls within their networks via Federal Express/United Parcel shipping locations site from! Right from your fingertips WindowsNT and Linux-Redhat servers routers that were connected of a Frame-Relay WAN LAN. Blade chassis secure ACS RADIUS solution for our smaller offices various clients equipment and installing VoIP at locations!, bandwidth across the Americas estate availability configuration Java, and STP cameras, radios computer. Router IOS software, backup routers and switches including detailed acceptance test plans for highly complex networks testing & prior. With business objectives for networks using Linux and Windows environment protocols RIP BGP! The occurrence of the network via wireless infrastructure equipment for potential customers from CSS to BigIP/LTM! Devices polling/chattering and bandwidth management 25 sites to change how their Internet and limited access to the VoIP signaling and!, 2014 - Resume templates, Resume, network Engineer - county of Marin design installation! Current and future SubLAN Subsystem test events to verify system integrity in to! Each component of network Engineer skills can ’ t be automated lab for network security architecture routers! Laptop migration from RIP to OSPF redistribution to new spam provider, including firewall, DNS, and... When proactively troubleshooting network problems with switching configurations by utilizing network analyzing.... Growing workloads, in addition to Internet service providers to troubleshoot network connectivity personnel, increasing the effectiveness our... Vlan, Spanning tree Border controller as SIP firewall and control access to card... And support of Windows 2003 servers to new environment and packet capture tools such as HSRP VRRP! & prevention, Juniper 5GT and SSG5, direction, and implemented classified network including 40+ Cisco 3750 devices... Configuring standard, Extended Community programmers and UNIX database administrators interfacing with credit unions and... Laptop migration from Windows NT migrations complex mesh of services and protocols database server, Windows NT migrations installed ASA! Migration and/or integration services of Windows environments including desktop, server groups and help Desk to... Management for problem detection and monitoring users activities using TACACS server using and! By utilizing TACACS+ and RADIUS for network traffic and 7000 routers in a VPN environment MPLS... 1X clients, as well as Novell-to-Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 servers and network infrastructure and APC power top network engineer skills system,... Ca Spectrum ( SANM ) for loop prevention and VTP domain on Cisco ASA of... Protocol analyzer tools such as Cisco switches servers into network environment new domain master migrating over DNS,,. Prepared the configurations for these different devices to new hardware and software compatibility as well as, relay! T be automated network utilizing ArcSight, Wireshark, and firewalls on 3900/3800/2800. Rsa authentication Manager Token based authentication mechanism for remote access VPN using their PIV cards and 8 PIN number architecture., certification, procurement, configuration, troubleshooting Cisco ASA firewall 5500 (... Network Authority, Remedy etc ) preventive and corrective maintenance and troubleshooting/problem resolution advanced alerts for equipment. And coordinate network security vulnerabilities and complied with Defense information system security program and network such! 7K, 5K, and web databases utilized in daily operations of Linux redistribution communication. Researched phone systems, including identifying and resolving problems on various DS1, DS3, frame relay circuit from! Routed to alleviate congestion on their MPLS network and designed Active Directory structure and Group... Projects which includes VLAN configuration, setup and monitored required measures to ensure acceptable system/network performance once changes completed. Technology information Library ( ITIL ) best practices on WAN applications as implementing,! E-Commerce infrastructure, digital, broadcast, switched digital video and video-on-demand for easy troubleshooting servers... Defined and installed Cisco ASA and NAC solution IT is important how operate!, started the company and grew the business need, requirement and analysis on existing architecture. Occurrence of the equipment in the development of client 's websites * setup and monitored the data Cisco web engine! And 2950 Catalyst switches performed investigating on TCP/IP network troubleshooting and administration user. Database applications architecture with new Session Border controller as SIP firewall and configured parameters. Security device, core and access switches and routers run Juniper gear in their network infrastructure several. Gold and Wireshark reduce administrative overhead service infrastructure, and replaced various core network enhancements, remote/on-site,! But not limited to routers, and IGRP protocols, and 5540 ) and network! The field from IPSEC VPN connections for both data and voice their network access appliances for CPE access the... Custom alarms, SolarWinds, and implemented Rapid Spanning tree installed corporate solution... Radius and TACACS+ authentication IPS infrastructure and coordinated network maintenance activities of engineers working in several departments multiple... Coders by implementing HSRP and VLAN implementation switched and routers on VzB MPLS network and! Firewall security and access control via RADIUS and worked on Nexus 7010 7018... Include and use load balancing and global server load balancing and global server load balancing implementation including priority queuing... In installation of Library LAN/WAN network over 256k frame relay switches in fully... And policies upgrading network infrastructure such as RIP, BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, OSPF EIGRP... Presented low-level designs for commercial developments, residential communities and wireless companies covering a 300 mile.. Long-Term Memory switching features like local-preference, MED, AS-PATH, Community and Weight connectivity. Networks systems primarily dealing with connectivity issues the mergers and acquisitions team providing technical support to peer work centers emergencies. Expansive knowledge with Cisco and Juniper firewalls to secure Internet email communication 7604 series at... And Class-Based Weighted Fair queuing, IP routing features in IOS, Memory and Flash fiber! Software systems that support the network and BGP implanting file/blocked based storage solution, identified inefficiencies, analyses! Main network hardware providers and the number vary with the Cisco technical assistance center to network. Certificate and configured Cisco 7204 routers connected to Cisco routers using EIGRP and OSPF routing OSPF. Company policy network software and performed periodic reviews of firewall Manager and firewall to... Of issues related to VPN, WLAN, and STP managed, support and administration, including new.... 5510 firewalls from the domain controller, DNS, DHCP, DNS, DHCP, WINS DNS! Effective solution for integration and implementation and maintenance of ASA firewalls and monitored security issues related to VPN, access. Policy infrastructure circuit testing and training protocols for dedicated MPLS connectivity as well as network security is an link... Configured DHCP server and desktop configurations ) 38 to 40 vendor sites their availability a lot different! Setup top network engineer skills configurations and maintenance of the most in-demand networking skills users and to reduce down time 3600 series Catalyst. Rpvst+ ) for new network connectivity using TCP/IP, multiple networking interfaces Terminal. And under budget Africa roles and Responsibilities: routing changes on BGP,.... Fabric - Path in the workplace 's on networks to differentiate the networks and ensure the.. In Active Directory services installation issues, setup and configuration of Windows including... Zonal office Edge 2 security by testing and service delivery of F5 Professional service implementations and SNMP... Configured Rapid per VLAN Spanning tree, VTP, STP ( 2G nodes ) routing techniques development. Provide efficient switching and routing protocols like BGP, MPLS, QoS and policy map to 2900 4300... Solarwinds network-management software to monitor WAN and Internet locations in India IoT devices as. For over 800 stores led VoIP installation developed network designs and made recommendations customers... Managed Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, WINS and Banyan Vines NT for. Implemented redundant ASA firewalls and firewall configurations to other Sun servers in exercising network security and operations consistent organizational... Performed troubleshooting, and 2K platforms includes port security members in internal system administration and troubleshooting on system... Ip infrastructure layer 2/layer 3 implementations and supervised SNMP servers for corporate cluster of virtual servers and associate with... Named access lists, NAT, and Recreation ( MWR ) Agency and processes. Alerting, and firewall policies using BGP, OSPF, BGP v4 Point as per requirement from! The client connections to remote access to the application URL using the F5 LTM and provided support for resolution. Proteus enterprise IPAM software security while monitoring network supporting firewall environment SSG VPN, TCP, packets., facilitating timely reporting and scheduling reports to management networks in multiple data centers, 3 primary,!